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Poser Fest 2010

Auf nach Gera! Morgen dickes Nazi-Fest.


Natürlich hat der ganze Nazischeiß was interessant Obskures. Wenn man so über die einschlägigen Seiten surft kommt man sich ja schon so vor wie in den 90ern als man versucht hat ohne Internet neuen Hardcore-Stuff zu diggen.

Trotzdem echt kein Style. An alle Besucher & vor allem Bands des "8. Rock für Deutschland":

"It's not hard to be genuine. Do me a favor and spend a little more time you got their ear now try and say somethin' instead of this bullshit you keep bumpin'" ( - Mental)

Oh das war ja jetzt Englisch, wahrscheinlich schon alles falscg gemacht. Nur nazi sein, reicht doch vorne und hinten nicht.

Hier zwei Dinge, die man kennen muss, bevor man a) sich Hardcoreband nennt


oder b) nationalbewusst:


Obwohl ,das ja eh in Thüringen steigt. Das ist ja eh lange genug ein anderes Land gewesen...echt schwierig dieser National-Kram.

P.S.: "Systemlinge" ist aber eine süße Bezeichnung für Polizisten, das muss schon gesagt werden...







"I'm not into any label whatsoever. I'm not into the punk label, the rock label, metal. I just wish people would take us as a band. A band that wouldn't get airplay on Top 40 radiostations."




The Kinks Pictures, Images and Photos

I've always liked the thought that if you own a fanzine you own rare informaion too. The Digital Fanzine Preservation Society is still cool though.




...but who cares. Other Blogs are even phonier. At least sometimes.




I've checked my old hard drive and found digital versions of the Surival Records newsletter I did with Wittich in 2000 / 2001. One ish included this WxHxN interview.

You will recognize that there's a 17 years old, german, over-motivated pre-edge-break kid doing this. Still it's to good to rot away outside of the internet-world.

Listen to WxHxN's Hollow Vixtory and No Cash, No Thrash records. They include everything a good Hardcore record should have: loud, angry and pissed of music  with lyrcs that spread a certain awareness.

Interview was done with guitar player Craig.

Who's in the band? Which instrument plays each 'n' everyone?

Devon yells and screams, Robert plays the bass, Max plays the drums and I play the guitar.

What was your intention when you founded WHN?? Why thrash core?

Our intention was to play fast and aggressive music. Max and Devon shared an extreme love for thrash music and talked for years about starting a band together. When All You Can Eat stopped playing (Devon and mine old band), we all started writing songs and WHN? was the result.

Your songs have a message and made me think about new topics. What do you think when you look at all that youth crew bands which are sing every time about the same old subjects?  Does it mean to waste vinyl to release such bands?

Devon may come up with lyrics that are new to you, but all the ideas and philosophies have been around forever. Before Minor Threat sang about being straight edge, there had always been songs about 'living cleanly'. But Minor Threat said it in a different format, so it seemed new. You can not dismiss other bands for singing about cliched topics, because I bet there are kids who listen to those bands who are thinking about what they're saying for the very first time. And if it is something you believe in, you should share it , even if you are repeating what someone else already said.

Why do so many kids wish to be back in the late 80's?

The past is so often glamorised, but it should be remembered that it was not all fun and games. Violence was a huge problem. The scene had an overwhelming number of idiots and skinheads. People weren't as liberal as they are today. Women, homosexuals, vegetarians were still in the minority and were still chastised pretty regularly. With history in general, I think it's best if you just absorb the lessons of the past, enjoy the fruits of yesterday and use those things to make a better today.


Talking about (wasting) vinyl: A lot of kids go nuts when they can get one of those limited coloured records. Why do bands and labels push the hype?

Record collecting is fun. Every one of us collects records. It's just another aspect of music. If you don't like to collect records, than there is no reason for bands to even make record sleeves just tape a piece of paper with lyrics to it. I would like to think that most music is more than just some notes and words put together. The whole package is art. I remember buying the TSOL 'Hit & Run' LP and being so, so disappointed. But I liked the band so much that I was willing to keep the LP just for the sake of having a full, working knowledge and catalog of them. Record collectors generally like the type of music of the records they're buying, but they will go that extra mile to have a broader experience of the band. And really, those who can afford to buy the limited records are often times pumping money back into the underground community, so that's cool.

Do you think that HC music can make a change? Or does it only reach the people who already believe in the things you say?

Everything has the potential to changes people. Take some sort of Devon's lyrics: He experienced something and learned from it, then he made it into a song where we all worked together to make it something people wave their fist to (and hopefully think about). Devon has gone back and forth to Japan numerous of times. He became disillusioned with the lack of vegetarian consciousness over there, so he wrote a song in Japanese about being vegetarian. A few months later we played in Japan and kids were singing along (in Japanese) and asking us about vegetarianism. Change starts locally, then grows from there, so if you are sincere in your thoughts and actions, your influence can reach far and wide and across boundaries.

There's no doubt, the internet changed the world and maybe the HC scene. In my opinion the internet is a matter with two faces. On the one hand it offers great possibilities such as sending e-mails, informing about shows records and so on. On the other hand homepages, mp3's and stuff like that can make the scene more popular in a negative way. Do you fear that HC could become just another music trend? Will the internet do more harm than good for the underground?

In addiction to exchanging records, stories and ideas, I have booked whole tours with the internet. I get mails from the smallest African countries to Middle Eastern entertainment agencies to American soldiers. It's amazing the access we all have now to each other. As long as we can keep the control of the medium in the people's hands I think we can continue to really benefit from the internet.

And for the record, HC music was a trend long before I ever even knew what it was.

Is it actually necessary to try hard that the scene keeps underground?

'The scene' is what you make of it. If you put on shows in basements and independent record stores, and you sell your records to other punk rockers, than it will naturally stay underground.

Every thriving sub- culture will eventually outgrow itself. HC has done it many times over and it will keep happening. If you want to keep the underground 'pure' keep it to yourself, but if you want to learn and grow you have too let other elements in. Unfortunately some of those other elements may eventually move onto something else, exploiting HC in the process, but it's those occurrences that reunify the people who hold the spirit in their hearts. In other words, stay true to yourself and the rest will follow.


As I said before WHN? stands for personal and committed songs. Are you in professional life likewise engaged? What's your job?

As of last week, I have no job. I typically work random low paying jobs that I can quit without remorse, and save up to travel. I am trying to minimise my dependence on corporate paycheques and am starting up a recording studio in my garage. It is a lot of work but the study of sound and recording is fascinating. I expect to have another job when I get back from tour this summer until I am able to get a steady flow of people who want to record with me.

Some of your songs deal with the so called 3rd world HC and you toured already through Asia. What is it that interest you in that part of the world? What do  you think about Europe?

Devon has a deep-seeded fascination with parts of Asia, but generally we all just enjoy gaining a better understanding of the world around us. Asia has such a radically different history than us Euro- Americans, so there is so much to observe and study and experience. For a long time I resisted going to Europe because I thought 'If I am going to use my time and money to travel, I want to go somewhere new.' I was afraid Europe would be too familiar and unexciting compare to Asia and Middle East. It wasn't, but it was still a very different experience.

What is it that keeps you motivated? Is there a special goal you have with WHN??

Our main goal is to stay motivated and inspired. Whether it's playing music with each other or pursuing other interests, I think we all have a lust for life and new experiences. Devon is now working at a Thai kickboxing establishment, Max is busy with his label (625), Robert loves his wife and roadieing for and travelling with other bands, and like I said, I am submersed in the study of sound. We all have other bands that are very different from WHN?. Among them are: Artimus Pyle, Skulastic Deth, Capitalistic Casualities, Plutocracy, Anal Mucus, Love Songs...the list is endless, but I think it's important to indulge and explore all that interests you. If you're able to read this interview than I believe you have the means to do whatever you want. The world is bigger than the HC- scene. Laurence Livermore explained that with every effort you make to create a 'scene' you have to keep in mind how that scene relates to the rest of the world. We all have to fit in somewhere. Even if the person next door isn't HC, they are still your neighbour.



Dig the Snack Sabbath blog (not so actual thoguh). They review candies. Great idea. I work nightshifts at a organic kiosk, so I know the deal. Legit. Please reaad this hillarious piece about Atari limited editions and Reese bars.

If your prefer boobs over candies take the Way Out!



Interview with legendary RYKER'S is confirmed...




Teamwork Records had it all sorted out right from the start. Thanks Wittich.


"Wille, abgewandert"

Verchwunden ist das impulsive Bedürfnis die Unmöglichkeit zu beschreiben in der Mitte auch nur mehr als einen Abglanz von dem Geiste zu entdecken, der in dem vorangegangenen Jahrzehnt eine Noch-Nicht-Hauptstadt definierte. Es ist einem etwas mittelfristigeren Bedürfnis gewichen Starkult und Aufklärungsbemühungen miteinander zu verknüpfen.

Alexander Kluge ist einer der Coverstars der letzten Dawk Druckausgabe. Und anscheinend mag er Rap.

P.S.: Disco 'Nam 7" record out. Four song rage. 300 copies. Order here or here or here.


Berlin's calling

Another meeting of the DAWK's editorial staff's gonna be at the exquisite STARBURGER restaurant by the end of this week. DAWK will join the German archive of youth culture in Berlin Kreuzberg. We'll make history...

stupid hoes


...just like last time!



...Arne! Yeah you're right - it took us quite a while to get this done... just because LOWDOWN is bone idle! Support us anyway and get this dope demo!!!


Chris' band worked like two years on this shit. Now their demo is out. This shit from south Ruhrpott is real.
Limited quantities have a linolcut-cover.

nice collection



Yout Attack Records,Mark McCoyPhotobucketMy War Records
Now this is history. Will Hardcore-Punk ever be the same again without him?




Joe Klein worte a nice piece in this week Time mag. In a year of ongoing recession his advices really make sense...worldwide. Read here.






For the geeks: a Supreme advertising, published 1996 in Grand Royal Mag




  • I've finally found out how a "BLAWK" works. Not too complex I think...
  • Anyways the gates of nonsense are opened now!
  • Is world hunger a legit reason to have to finish any meal off - even if it obviously tastes like shit? Or is it just a lame excuse for ignorant fat people?!
  • Dunno...


Those were the days my friend...at least in Belgium. 2002 - 2006. Complete Control Core. I found some pictures and will post them here in order from very good to quite good. My name is Arne and I know this discussion is old.

Restless Youth, Essen, early 2006.
Perfect demo-7"-LP career. When the their album came out that whole CC-empire was already vanishing. It was in a chinese internet-cafe when I heard the mp3 of "Light Up Ahead" for the first time. The rest of the day I walked through Chongqing and humming that melody. The lesson: one of the few things you can't buy in China are copies of not-yet available Hardcore records.

Justice in Düsseldorf
Justice, Düsseldorf, early 2006
 It was on this show were I saw a not Spoiler-designed Justice-shirt for the first time.

Dead Stop, last Show / Kontich, May 2006
Well, they were good live, not that good on their records (ok, the 7" was not bad)...cool band though.
Count the cameras in this picture and win a hug...haha.


"...And I don't need you to help me find my way, I'll just make it if I just don't see your face

This is something you should pick up at Amazon or better: buy their first three records.


Brot & Spiele



München ist sooooo cool!




By now you can check out how great the new Heimatfilm of Sung Yung Cho is. Some already did.







Please, please, please stop using this damn resealable covers for your vinyl.


Records are no comics. It's not like I would get into that shit once and then archivate it on the shelf for the rest of my life. Most times I listen to the records more than once, but those god damn plastic wrappers won't survive it that long.
Better use non-reselable ones. They have a longer lifespan.


Thank you


"One doesn't enter groups of people simply because one wants or needs to. One has an infinite number of opportunities that occur for no particular reason. Sometimes you feel a sudden unexpected pleasure at being where you find yourself."




Der versoffene, langhaarige Herausgeber-Bastard gibt Aukunft über die Bierpreise einer Annihilation Time Show in Münster. Gefilmt vom straighten, kurzhaarigen Herausgeber-Bastard einer bundesweit bekannten Hardcore Gazette...



This is Aiko Hatecore not being drunk photgraphed by a drunk. Thanks for Expresso.


6. Internal Affairs
It's been a while...since Aiko Hatecore keeps continously nagging about the lack of news on this page, here are some remarks about what is going on with this fanzine.
At first:  some people asked if the Dawk is New issue is halfway finished and this summer we'll prove again, that Hardcore fanzines don't need to be boring and generic. This time, the cover will be two steps apart to what we did before. An image will be posted next week.

As I mentioned before, Hardcore becomes more and more a lifestyle rather than a way of life. This is not only the problem of Hardcore, but the problem of western society in general.  We need  to produce, buy and trash more and more things. In the end there's very little that actual matters.
There are just too many good records comig out (too many of everything).  Check your favourite distro and you know what I means. It's not that the Dawk is something that actually matters. We jsut try to limit ourself on minimum of output (even in DIY-HC-terms). We don't want to bore, neither we want to burn out. Gut Ding braucht Weile, as we say here in Germany.


As we all know the online fanzine is DEAD! Long live the Blogs. If you're at work, in school, in jail (is it allowed having internet access in cells?) check these ones:

Spoiler Speaks includes pretty intelligent contributions of ex-Justice dude, artist, Dawk freelancer Kevin Alen. It's a bit about Hardcore, but more about life.

All about Hardcore is Mind Over Matter by Bjorn of R'n'F. He writes very in-depth reviews and it's good to see that he doesn't care if it's cool what he likes.

A link on Mind Over Matter leads to Casual T's. A popular genre of blogging is to have some kind of constant thing in the entries. Here: a shirt is worth thousand words.

More fashion obsession can be found at The Line Is Drawn. Juliuo OCTW reports the daily life at TrsutNobody, the hottest clothing store of Spain. All about fashion obsession and possessing things. A bit of Hatdcore here'n'there.

For all german speakers: Helmut Höge, König der Abschweifungen, Kaiser der Autorennegierung und Pollerforscher mimt immer noch den Aushilfshausmeister. Um mal auf seiner Linie zu bleiben:

"In Heidelberg meinte der Uni-Rektor auf der Gadamer-Ehrenfeier: Die schlimmsten Folgen von 68 seien noch immer nicht beseitigt. Und der Ministerpräsident Teufel fügte im Beisein des Festredners Jacques Derrida hinzu: Die Postmoderne würde bloß die Jugend verderben. Jean Baudrillard sagt von dieser ganzen “Generation”: “Die Menschenrechte, die Dissidenz, der Antirassismus, die Ökologie, das sind die weichen Ideologien, easy, post coitum historicum, zum Gebrauch für eine leichtlebige Generation, die weder harte Ideologien noch radikale Philosophien kennt. Die Ideologie einer auch politisch neosentimentalen Generation, die den Altruismus, die Geselligkeit, die internationale Caritas und das individuelle Tremolo wiederentdeckt. Herzlichkeit, Solidarität, kosmopolitische Bewegtheit, pathetisches Multimedia: lauter weiche Werte, die man im Nietzscheanischen, marxistisch-freudianistischen und Situationistischen Zeitalter verwarf. Diese neue Generation ist die der behüteten Kinder der Krise, während die vorangegangene die der verdammten Kinder der Geschichte war. Diese jungen, romantischen, herrischen und sentimentalen Leute finden gleichzeitig den Weg zur poetischen Pose des Herzens und zum Geschäft. Sie sind Zeitgenossen der neuen Unternehmer, sie sind wunderbare Medien-Idioten: transzendentaler Werbeidealismus. Dem Geld, den Modeströmungen, den Leistungskarrieren nahestehend, lauter von den harten Generationen verachtete Dinge. Weiche Immoralität, Sensibilität auf niedrigstem Niveau. Auch softer Ehrgeiz: eine Generation, der alles gelungen ist, die schon alles hat, die spielerisch Solidarität praktiziert, die nicht mehr die Stigmata der Klassenverwünschung an sicht trägt. Das sind die europäischen Yuppies.”

Gemeint sind übrigens immer noch wir. Aber das macht nichts. Wir sind toleranter und das ist gut so.

That's it for now. Probably there'll be more, but these four links will eat your remaining spare/work/wank time for today.


Inspired by what E. Brunetti brought to us:



Habe ich eben in dem Zeit magazin leben gelesen (in der Interview-Soap mit Verbal-Alphamännchen, Amokraucher und Ex-Kanzler Helmut Schmidt). Durchaus inspirierend:

"Ich würde mich sehr scheuen, anderen Rat zu geben. Ich bin ja kein Psychotherapeut und auch kein Pastor. Aber wenn mich einer um Rat fragt, dann würde ich dem Sinne nach mit dem berühmten Serenity Prayer den amerikanischen Theologen Reinhold Niebuhr antworten.
Er bittet den Herrn, ihm die Kraft zu geben, Dinge, die er tatsächlich ändern kann, tatsächlich zu ändern, ihm zweitens die Gelassenheit zu geben, Dinge zu ertragen die er nicht ändern kann und drittens die Weisheit, beides voneinander zu unterscheiden."



Gleich mit zwei aufregenden Extras ausgestattet ist der Katalog genau die Falle in die man tappt wenn man mit einer finanziellen Ausstattung die gegen null tendiert durch Hong Kong läuft. Natürlich ist das Ding in Plastik eingeschweißt und so wird einem erst im winzigen Zimmer einer Herberge bewusst, dass der Preis von umgerechnet 8 Euro doch nicht gerechtfertigt ist. Ok, die Sticker sind nett, das Handtuch kann man allerdings als Frotteeschal (27 x 87 cm) bezeichnen. Was bleibt dem Interessenten? Eine sehr limitierte (Stichwort) Auswahl an Klamotten. Die Beschreibung ist in japanisch verfasst. Sogar für die Kleinen gibt es hässliche Camouflage-Poloshirts. Es lässt sich nicht ausmachen, was die Shirts so speziell macht. Zumindest nicht spezieller als Volcom oder andere Sellouts. Planet der Affen-Ästhetik auf T-Shirts zu übertragen ist nicht unbedingt neu. Vielversprechende Variation tauchen kaum auf. Zumindest nicht bei den Originalen.

Die überall im asiatischen Raum erhältlichen Fälschungen sind nicht selten weitaus witziger und bunter anzusehen. Trifft übrigens auch auf Nike Dunk Low- Schuhe zu. Klar, Marken sind zur Orientierung da. Man kann schnellstmöglich die entgegenkommende Person in eine Typus-Schublade stecken und abhacken oder willkommen heißen. Haben aber Piratenprodukte eigenständige Variationen und Designs lässt sich keine Festlegung mehr vollführen. 

Fapes zu tragen ist vielleicht ein wenig so wie Restzuschnitt zu rauchen. Doch man bleibt auch wacher. Jeder kann gut aussehen ohne viel zu bezahlen. Ape shall never kill Ape, aber es gibt Jedermann das Gefühl jemand zu sein.

Mode-Kurator Hans Ulrich Obrist hat sicher Recht, wenn er behauptet, dass die Kräfte der Globalisierung zum Verschwinden der Differenz unterschiedlicher Stile führe. Doch wenn etablierte Modemarken versuchen ihrem selbstgeschneidertes Gefängnis mit einer No-Logo-Attitüde zu entfliehen, können andere das aufheben was sie übrig gelassen haben. Qualität hin oder her (Freerks Fape-Shirt ist auch nach der zwanzigsten Wäsche noch frisch im Druck und straff im Schnitt). Die zunehmende Marginalisierung der markendefinierten Mode durch bloßes Kopieren kann nur begrüßenswert sein. Exklusivität aufzugeben war noch nie einfach, aber man kann sie schließlich auch billig kaufen.




More in Dawk Magazine # 4.

What do you think about a band like The Strokes or those new Gang of Four-epigones from England. Like hardcore bands they tend to play exact the music, that was made in the late 70s.

For me its more than about the superficial style of music. Yeah, The Strokes make catchy music, but its completely unoriginal. Its not groundbreaking. All they are doing is rehashing something thrilled a long time ago.

They brought it back in the right time.

But its just formula. Theres nothing real about it. Theres is no real angst. I once told some people, that I have unreleased Strokes songs. I put some music on, that was released 30 years ago New York stuff. The people really thought that it would be The Strokes, playing this music. There are very few bands that make original music today. Richard Hell and the Voidoids came back on tour, Iggy and the Stooges came back on tour. Thats a great thing, coz its them. Its the real thing. And by the way: that first Strokes hit.

Last Nite

Yeah, its a fucking Tom Petty song. Its American Girl! Exact the same song, different tempo. The base, the guitar, everything

Do you listen to German bands?

German bands?

Like Kraftwerk?

My favourite German artist is Richard Strauss.


Tell me some German bands.

Dieter Bohlen? Modern Talking? Do you know Modern Talking?


They're shit.

What is good?

Do you know Nina Hagen?

Of course, she had been around forever. What is good German music now?

Well, right now we still have a strange Neue Deutsche Welle revival. Back in the 70s or 80s there were some good bands around like D.A.F. or Can or Kraftwerk. They also did another tour last year.

I have all the Kraftwerk-stuff on my ITunes. I listen to them all the time.

by Chris and Arne



Picture by Emanuel

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